GPS Coordinates:  N. 14.53775 ,  WO. 90.94729
Altitude: 5,018  to 6,300 feet above sea level
Temperature Average: 64 F to 73 F
Annual Rainfall Precipitation:  1,200 to 1,500 millimeters
Relative Humidity: 70%

Environmental Facts

* Use of  right prune, stump and de-suckering to avoid diseases, mechanical weeding, control of shade are good control for pest and diseases.  Berry borrier (Hipotenemus campeii) is controlling avoiding  remanent fruits in the field after harvesting.

* Use of Compost, avoid the herbicides, the right use of mechanical wood control, and use of Shadow trees, is a good way of conservation of the soil, whit this, the drain the soil is avoided.

* Avoid synthetic agrochemicals (Organic coffee).
* Reforest and to protection of water sheds.
* Introduction of native trees of the own place.

Pest Management

Waste Management

Conservation of Soil

Conservation of Ecosystems

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* The waste of farm is separated in Organic and Inorganic.  It is taken out each month to the municipal tank.
* Composting-pulp with Elsinea Foetidia (a red worm) serving as fertilizer into plantation.