Environmental Facts

* Use of  right prune, stump and de-suckering to avoid diseases, mechanical weeding, control of shade are good control for pest and diseases.  Berry borrier (Hipotenemus campeii) is controlling avoiding  remanent fruits in the field after harvesting.

Conservation of Ecosystems


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Pest Management

Waste Management

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* Use of Compost, avoid the herbicides, the right use of mechanical wood control, and use of Shadow trees, is a good way of conservation of the soil, whit this, the drain the soil is avoided.

Conservation of Soil

GPS Coordinates:  N. 14.53775 ,  WO. 90.94729
Altitude: 5,018  to 6,300 feet above sea level
Temperature Average: 64 F to 73 F
Annual Rainfall Precipitation:  1,200 to 1,500 millimeters
Relative Humidity: 70%

* Avoid synthetic agrochemicals (Organic coffee).
* Reforest and to protection of water sheds.
* Introduction of native trees of the own place.

* The waste of farm is separated in Organic and Inorganic.  It is taken out each month to the municipal tank.
* Composting-pulp with Elsinea Foetidia (a red worm) serving as fertilizer into plantation.